Selamat Datang Mahasiswa FEB UB di Semester Genap 2015-16 (Welcome to student of FEB UB in Even Semester 2015-16)

Posted by : Al Muizzuddin Fazaalloh, S.E., M.E. | On : February 14, 2016

Welcome to my students that I teach in the even semester 2015-16. I hope you will enjoy this blog. All materials about the study, I provide for you. How can you use this blog? First, look the course materials menu then choose what the course you want. Second, just click the material and you can have it. Third, you can open final scores menu for knowing the information about your score. Finally, I hope this blog can be useful for you all.

Best regards,

Al Muizzuddin Fazalloh, SE., ME.

Brawijaya University



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